Future & Option Data Analysis

For those who are experienced traders in F&O + Chart Reading and want to become full time F&O trader.

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Future & Option Data Analysis

Course Overview

This course is especially for those who are experienced traders in F&O. Those who want to become full-time F&O traders and know chart reading, can go for Future & Option Intraday Data reading. With the combination of candle chart analysis & option chain analysis, you will get more accuracy.

What will you learn from this Training?

  • Overview & concept of Future & Option.
  • Methodology of Future & Option Trading.
  • Meaning & importance of Open Interest & Change in OI.
  • Overview of Options Chain i.e. CALL, PUT, Strike Price, & IV.
  • Importance & use of ATM, OTM, & ITM.
  • Purpose & role of CALL / PUT Option.
  • Understand option writing & big bull activities.
  • Psychological support & resistance.
  • Option hedging & strategies.
  • The base of stock selection for intraday trading.
  • Know the meaning & use of Long / Short Build Up.
  • Know the meaning & use of Long Unwind / Short Cover.
  • Use of 52-week high / low.
  • How to correlate moving average with future & options trading.
  • Compare option data with candle sticks analysis.
  • What is meant by PCR & how to track it?
  • How to trade confidently?
  • How to trade in Nifty, Bank Nifty, and Stocks?
  • Option Strategies
    1. Covered Call
    2. Short Strangle
    3. Long Strangle
    4. Short Straddle
    5. Long Straddle
    6. Bear Spread
    7. Bull Spread
  • Risk & Money management

Why you should attend this Training?

  • No age limit whether you are 16 or 61.
  • To get more accuracy in Future & Option Trading.
  • Catch the Big Bull & Bear movements.
  • Earn money in a negative market.
  • Build intraday trading setup like professionals.
  • Easily start trading in Nifty, Banknifty, and Stock Option. 
  • Lifetime support & updates on the Student WhatsApp group.
  • Live market demo & trades
Eligibility, Duration, & Fees
  • No age limit (16 or 61), anyone can apply.
  • This course completes in 10-15 days by spending 1 hr. daily.
  • You have to pay only Rs. 14,999 /-