The new way for F&O Intraday traders to accelerate their workflow



Get lists about what’s good for buying, selling and support according to CALL, PUT writing, DMA, etc.

• Easily best F&O scripts finding for intraday on one click
• Stocks are separated by Buy / Sell side
• Stocks based on Call / Put writing, Long / Short build-up, Ready to make new 52 weeks High / Low, and taking Support / Resistance of 20, 50 and 200 DMA
• Multiple options to filter the stocks like Stock price greater than, Options Writing %, and multiple F&O expiry selection

• No need to do a study of all F&O stocks
• You can separately focus on Buy / Sell stocks
• Four stock finding parameters are covered in one click
• Easily modify filters as per your convenience

Stock Suggestions

View detailed analysis of stock including buy levels, sell levels and trade conclusion.

• Readymade levels for the Buying / Selling side for all F&O scripts
• Live market data is available like Change in %, Change in OI %, Nifty Advance / Declines, and Open/Low/High/Close
• Based on previous day's options data readymade singles are available for strong confirmation to Buy / Sell
• Previous day Open, Low, High, and Close are available
• Entry, Target, and Stoploss are available

• You can trade in your favorite F&O script
• No need to track live market data separately
• Three different entry levels for Buy / Sell
• Green & Red indicators are available for confirmation
• Maintaining best Risk : Reward ratio



Options Performance

Get CALL and PUT writing option chain performances with ITM, OTM, and ATM.

• Easy view of live / off market Options Chain
• Top 20 Call / Put is separately available
• Performance tab is available to identify the Long / Short build-up for each strike price
• Facility to view weekly / monthly Option Chain for index
• ATM, ITM, and OTM options are available
• The closing price is available for every script

• No need to watch Option Chain on another website
• Simple to track script trend based on Option Data
• Easily identify Support / Resistance based on Call / Put writing
• You can choose the best strike price to trade based on OI or change in OI



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